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The Low Down on Home Inspection Radon Tests

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

A lot of home inspectors offer radon testing as an add-on service to their standard home inspection - for an additional fee. By far and large, all of the tests offered by home inspectors are for three day testing which provide minimal credible evidence on actual radon levels in a home.

This is why Sequence Property Inspections doesn't, and likely never will, offer these unless substantial accuracy improvements are developed for the short term tests. At the present time, radon tests with any credible data need to be in place for at least 90-days. I have copied a link to an article that goes into detail about this.

When Sequence Property Inspections has been asked about conducting radon testing, our recommendations are that if there is a concern about radon levels in a home to just proceed in hiring a specialized contractor to have the radon mitigation work done to prevent this instead of spending money on testing that needs to be regularly done.

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