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Calgary Home Inspector, Calgary Home Inspection, Calgary Sewer Inspection, Sequence Property Inspections

Sewer Scope Video Inspection

A sewer scope video inspection is a video-recorded examination of a property’s lateral sewer line; the privately-owned line that runs from your house to the edge of your property and connects to the city’s municipal sewer system. Sewer line inspections are not part of a standard home inspection but the information they provide can be very valuable. Approximately 60% of homes have damaged lateral sewer lines; most cases are minor but many are serious. 


What homes should have these done? We highly recommend adding this extra inspection onto your home inspection when:


  • A house is new and still under warranty,

  • If a home is older than twenty years,

  • If a property has large, established trees in the front yard, 

  • Nearby neighbors have been having trouble with their sewer systems such as smells, sluggish drains, or strange gurgling sounds. 

Our goal with doing sewer scope inspections is to help you avoid unpleasant plumbing surprises, flooding, potential mold growth, foundation damage, and costly repairs. The added cost of the sewer line inspection is negligible compared to the cost to repair or replace damaged sewer lines which can range from $2,000 for simple repairs to $40,000 for complex repairs underneath foundations or garage floors.


Sewer video inspections identify numerous defects including: bellys/sags/low spots, lines holding water and/or debris, crushed lines, broken or cracked lines, root intrusion, offset or broken joints, heaved lines, corrosion and rust, blockages, grease build-up, and construction debris or foreign objects. We use professional quality equipment that includes a 130 foot length cable. 


The findings from sewer scope video inspections are included in the professional quality home inspection report. 


Pricing is $195 + GST if included in a home inspection or $295 + GST as a standalone service. Standalone sewer scope inspections are available in Calgary and nearby communities (East to Strathmore, West to Cochrane, South to High River, and North to Airdrie).  

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